In China, thought about the construction of the underwater Hyperloop

В Китае задумались над строительством подводного Hyperloop The design of the Hyperloop pleased Chinese engineers. After all, Ilon Mask never realized his project. And the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom believe that everything is possible. The calculations have already been made by specialists of the Institute of Railway Transport of China, which showed that the idea of building a vacuum submarine tunnel can be realized. What are the advantages of the branch? The project demonstrates an underwater high-speed tunnel with a length of 10 km, through which it will be possible to get from Taiwan to the mainland in just thirteen minutes. Firstly, a high-speed underwater tunnel can become the main part of the transport branch (its total length will be 180 km). Secondly, less time will be spent on travel. And finally, goods will be delivered faster, and it will be possible to cover the inaccessible places of Zhejiang province. Ahead of further careful calculations, the development of the necessary equipment, its manufacture and installation. But, if in China they decide that the idea is worth it, then its implementation, based on the Hyperloop principle, will become a matter of time. And knowing at what pace the Chinese are building objects, maybe the first high-speed tunnel will appear there?

Sam Richards

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