In Russia introduced a quantum phone for 30 million rubles (2 photos)

В России представили квантовый телефон за 30 млн рублей (2 фото) The greatest value in modern society is information. Governments and businesses spare no effort or money to protect data flows. Developers from Russia introduced the world’s first VipNet QSS Phone telephone communication system, which received protection based on quantum data encryption technology. The development of a fundamentally new communication system lasted three years and required an investment of 700 million rubles. VipNet QSS Phone was designed and developed by engineers from the Infotex company in partnership with scientists from the Physics Department of Moscow State University. In quantum encryption, the principle of symmetric encryption of network traffic is used. The essence of technology is the inability to read or change any particular “quantum” without the need to change other “quanta”. In the event of an unauthorized attempt to break into a separate \a system running on computers with silicon processors. Currently, the VipNet QSS Phone is the first device in the world using quantum technology th encryption for protecting unicast traffic. 8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f68caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f68caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f68caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f68caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f68caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f68caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6

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