It will look like the world of the future
It will look like the world of the future

It will look like the world of the future

At the Samsung KX conference in London, the presentation of the report “Samsung KX50: the future in the spotlight” on how the world of the future will look in 50 years will take place. The authors of the report are a group of leading scientists and futurologists.

Here is what, according to experts, awaits us in the coming decades in the field of technology, health, entertainment, food and transport:

  • Submarine supertrails: a transport system of airtight tunnels suitable for moving at subsonic speeds will allow you to travel from the UK to mainland Europe and Scandinavia in less than an hour.
  • Air taxis and buses: we can catch the closest air taxi available and a powerful helicopter will lift us up to the sky and help us quickly get to our destination, bypassing traffic jams and using the space above rivers and canals to get the fastest route.
  • Rocket space travel: when it comes to longer distances, most international flights will be carried out on reusable rockets entering outer space directly outside the upper atmosphere, at a speed of just under 20,000 miles per hour, so from London to New York can be reached in 30 minutes.
  • Virtual satellites: a personal digital satellite will receive information about us and our health throughout our lives and tell you what choices to make in order to stay in top shape.
  • 3D printing of vital organs: they can be transplanted to people whose organs are damaged and cannot be restored. Moreover, the artificial parts of the body can be even better than those with which we were born – for example, eyes with improved night vision or powerful hearts and lungs for athletes.
  • Street food and insect burgers: Ultimately, insects will become one of the main sources of dietary protein for humans. Each kitchen will be equipped with insect worktops with a working surface and a small drawer for harvesting.
  • Aerial sports matches: we will cheer for our favorite teams, while athletes will fly around the stadium on hoverboards and watch exciting games in four dimensions, similar to Quidditch from the Harry Potter books.
  • Interactive films and computer games: to watch films at home, it will be possible to purchase inexpensive, but high-tech “tactile” suits that will allow us to physically feel like part of a movie or video game.
  • Rest in space: we will visit luxury space hotels in the orbit of the moon or other planets that generate their own gravitational fields.

The predictions of scientists and futurologists were visualized in detailed architectural renderings. The video shows how we might live in the distant future:

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