secure network with traffic encryption

MaximaTelecom launches a secure network with traffic encryption

MaximaTelecom, the operator of public Wi-Fi networks, launched Internet access using the Hotspot 2.0 technology in the Moscow metro. This technology guarantees increased security of data exchange with traffic encryption and protection against connection to phishing hotspots.

When connecting to Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro, users now see two networks – MT_FREE and MT. When choosing a second network, you need to install a special profile. Currently it is available only to users of iOS devices, and in the future there will be support for smartphones and tablets on Android.

Hotspot 2.0 technology encrypts user traffic that is transmitted between the device and the router. Even if an attacker intercepts this traffic, he will need to decrypt it, and this will take a lot of time and resources, which may be impractical. In the future, support for Hotspot 2.0 may appear on other types of public transport and in public places where MaximaTelecom networks operate, including in St. Petersburg.

As with MT_FREE, you can use the MT network for free, but you need to view ads. If you have a paid “At Home” subscription, your ad will not be displayed.

Sam Richards

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