MIT 3D printer prints home in half day

Go to conquer the Moon or Mars with hostile conditions for life on the surface should be fully equipped. Specialists all over the world are already eyeing construction 3D printers, which can replace the boxes of various configurations for offices or housing. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) also decided to contribute and developed a construction robot. The Digital Construction Platform (DCP) system is able to build a two-layer domed structure with a diameter of 15 meters and a height of 3.66 meters from insulating foam in 14 hours. Subsequently, to ensure stability, the space between the layers can be filled with cement or other material. 3D-принтер MIT печатает жилище за полдня (4 фото + видео) 3D-принтер MIT печатает жилище за полдня (4 фото + видео) The Digital Construction Platform (DCP) construction robot is equipped with a crawler track and a huge robotic arm that extends to the desired distance and is capable of lifting weights. The presented model runs on batteries and weighs 3.7 tons. According to project manager Stephen Keating, the team plans to make the 3D printer as autonomous as possible so that it can independently receive energy from solar panels, prepare the site for the facility being built, and, if necessary, use accessible materials “at hand”, such as ice or soil. This, according to the developers, will be cheap and fast, but experts apparently forget about the safety of the materials used themselves. However, the machine is already interested in Google and NASA. The cost of the demonstrated model is estimated at a quarter of a million dollars. It is assumed that the homes built by a 3D printer can be useful on Earth. For example, in Antarctica or in areas where an earthquake occurred.

Sam Richards

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