MIT created inexpensive and functional prostheses for legs

Dentures manufactured today are extremely convenient and lightweight, they help a person to lead an active lifestyle, almost without thinking about his own disability. True, the price is the only, but very significant minus of the most advanced and modern prostheses. The engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology decided to influence the situation and made democratic prostheses for their legs from nylon. Their model is several times cheaper than the analogues available now. According to experts, thanks to the developed technique, you can individually select the size, as well as the degree of rigidity of the structure. It is enough to know only the weight of the client. With the safety of the second leg, the creation process is simplified many times and becomes automated. According to the authors of the development, the latest approach contributed to the success. Indeed, developers often strive to accurately reproduce the shape of the ankle joint and foot. The team from MIT paid all the attention to the functionality of these anatomical structures. They gave the artificial foot an elongated shape, designing it to make it extremely functional. They sought to minimize the effect of prosthesis shape and weight on gait. To implement their plans, engineers investigated the movement of the foot and lower leg, depending on the weight of their owner. In this case, the response of the joints when touching the support, as well as changes in the center of pressure with each step, were taken into account. Next, a mathematical model was created that included all the information collected. With its help, researchers obtained the optimal shape and size of the future prosthesis. We decided to make large parts out of nylon, which facilitates the regulation of the rigidity of the structure taking into account the weight of the person. Production will become cheaper. According to the authors of the project, a passive modern prosthesis made of carbon fiber, which is popular today, costs from 1 to 10 thousand US dollars. New from nylon will cost only $ 200.

Sam Richards

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