Modular smart office desk

Модульный смарт-стол для офиса (5 фото + видео) Teamwork requires the proper organization of workplaces in the office. And if the room cannot boast of a large area, you have to come up with something extraordinary and interesting. The specialists of the Carlos III University of Madrid have developed a new version of office furniture, which in their opinion contributes to more productive work of employees both individually and together, and also takes up 30% less space than standard office desks. Ergon Desk smart system consists of 6 modules – workstations arranged in a circle. Модульный смарт-стол для офиса (5 фото + видео) Each employee can customize their workplace for themselves by adjusting the height of the table or tilting the laptop platform using the built-in touch panel. Lately, the most common standing mode is also possible – the system itself will inform the user about the need to change position. The Ergon Desk software application saves the personal settings of each employee, therefore, if the user is forced to take another table, just enter your name in the system. The design will assume a state corresponding to individual parameters. Settings can be transferred to another smart table, if there are several in the office. Модульный смарт-стол для офиса (5 фото + видео) Модульный смарт-стол для офиса (5 фото + видео)

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