Multiple single-shot vaccination invented

Изобретена множественная вакцинация одним уколом Currently, in almost every country in the world the number of people who are strongly opposed to vaccination is growing. Meanwhile, timely vaccinations using high-quality vaccines have already saved more than one thousand lives. In developed countries, the vaccination problem is not so great and affects only marginal groups that oppose progress in all forms of its manifestation. However, for poor, economically weak countries with a low cultural and educational level, the vaccine administration process faces subjective and objective problems. The invention of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology allows us to solve some of these problems. Many vaccines should be administered sequentially after a strictly defined period. However, it is quite difficult to achieve pedantry and commitment in underdeveloped countries; for some peoples, the very concept of time still does not exist. A group of specialists from MIT led by Robert Langer created a vaccination technique in which one can be done instead of several consecutive injections. The method consists in the use of microparticles from a biocompatible and degradable artificial polymer, the use of which has been agreed and approved by the Food and Drug Administration United States (USFDA). Microparticles form balls by the method of stepwise deposition of layers (the process of compaction of the layers). A vaccine is placed inside the balls. A mixture of spheres with various drugs inside contains with a single injection into the patient’s body and, depending on the thickness of the membrane, dissolves over time, producing spontaneous vaccination at the right time. Currently, the method has been tested on mice that were injected with a drug with a delayed release from microcapsules on days 9, 21 and 41. Another advantage this method has when vaccinating children. When using a single injection, parents and the child will be spared from going to medical institutions and, more importantly, from the painful and unpleasant procedure of repeated injections.

Sam Richards

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