On sale, there are cardholders for the Apple Card. Are expensive.

In August, Apple began issuing U.S. iPhone users with an Apple Card. It is known that this card is made of titanium and therefore it needs special care.

The instructions for using the Apple Card indicate that the card may irreversibly change color when it comes in contact with a wallet made of leather or denim. Apple does not release wallets in which to store this card, without fear that it will lose its attractive appearance, but other manufacturers have such accessories.

For example, Kerf offers specially designed wooden cases, and to prevent the card from being scratched, they are glued with Alcantara inside. They cost from 39 to 139 dollars depending on the used wood.

Gray has even more expensive cardholders: titanium for $ 495, steel for $ 894 and gilded for $ 1,293. They are suitable not only for the Apple Card but also for other bank cards.

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