OnePlus 5 flagship killer passes independent testing

"Убийца" флагманов OnePlus 5 прошел независимое тестирование (видео) The OnePlus 5 smartphone was just announced the other day, but it has already passed all kinds of tests, including mechanical strength. The device showed excellent results, confirming the words of the developers about its invulnerability. With its technical characteristics and affordable price, it really can compete with market leaders. The glass that protects the display perfectly resists scratches. Strength indicator on the Mohs scale is 6 points, while on most smartphones of the premium line it does not exceed 5. Also, the gadget is difficult to fold, which means it is unlikely to break in the back pocket of trousers. At the same time, the OnePlus 5 case suffers from coins, keys and other sources of perpetual scratches. The blogger who tested it – JerryRigEverything is sure that the phone is very reliable, but still does not recommend it to ordinary users to test its durability. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover such experiments.

Sam Richards

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