Ostrich robot put on gyro rollers (2 photos + video)

//cdn--01.jetpic.net/bnjpt1dqoyryy/shrink/1561020960_robo2.webp Robotics is exploring more and more new spaces, and almost every day there are new refinements of engineering; separate directions are distinguished, sometimes they compete with each other, and then, sometimes, they suddenly intersect. For example, it happened with supporters of robots with legs and those developers who defend the priority position of robots on wheels. The first argue their choice with the fact that the developed infrastructure, designed for two-legged people, is ready to accept robots with legs. However, those who advocate robots on wheels have their trump card – the speed of movement. https://theeasygadgets.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/1/1561020944_robostraus.png It would seem that a simple way out is to make hybrid designs. Some teams even follow this path, but most developers prefer to lead their robots along the path that people have already traveled: change shoes on wheels when speed is needed. The two-legged Cassie ostrich robot was put on gyro rollers, like a hoverboard cut in half. Even it’s not easy for a person to control his body, moving it forward or backward on a similar device, when each wheel acts independently of the other. However, with the help of sensors built into the ostrich robot and performing all the calculations in real time, Cassie learned to drive confidently and completely autonomously on the campus. finally, she moves down the stairs. The developers suggest that the technical characteristics endowed by Cassie, its control system and automation will allow the ostrich robot to actively move in urban conditions, being involved in uzhbe delivery, security office or rescue and search teams.

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