Plastic cards Russians attack Neutrino again

The new version of Neutrino is implemented in the software of POS-terminals and, bypassing several cybersecurity systems, it steals sensitive information from bank cards when calculating. Theft does not occur immediately, but after some time. Judging by the map of the spread of the malicious virus, not only Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, but also the North African countries, Algeria and Egypt are primarily at risk. So far, small businesses using specialized security software have reported 10% of hacking attempts. Employees of the Kaspersky Lab, whose products so far demonstrate effectiveness against trojans, note that with the development of digital devices and their capabilities, virus programs also evolve, they easily bypass the defense system, expand their functionality and geography of influence. However, this Trojan is dangerous only for holders of old-style bank cards without a chip. For security reasons, experts strongly recommend that all citizens send SMS notifications and track all purchases, reporting suspicious transactions to their bank.

Sam Richards

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