Portable 3D scanner for the study of animals in the natural environment

Портативный 3D-сканер для изучения животных в естественной среде (видео) To conduct a detailed three-dimensional scan of animals living in their natural habitat is not an easy task. Modern scanning systems, although they do their job flawlessly, work slowly – try to keep the shark stationary for several minutes while scanning takes place. Yes, and the cost of such bulky devices is very high. There are cheaper analogues that can cope with their task faster, but the resulting images do not have sufficient detail. Developed by engineers from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, it aims to fill a niche between the first and second. The Beastcam system is based on the principles of photogrammetry, which allows you to create 3D models from several photographs taken from different angles. This technique is not new, but only now it has begun to gain popularity. The developed device weighs 4.5 kg and consists of several movable \The number of cameras varies depending on the desired resolution and size of the item being scanned. According to the authors, Beastcam offers higher resolution and detail than similar portable 3D scanners, and the scanning process is also fast. To get the result, the device is only held above the object while the cameras are shooting. After that, the software converts the received photos into a 3D model. So, it takes about 30 seconds to scan an adult, and 45 seconds to create a three-dimensional version of the car. While only a prototype has been developed, which is being tested in the laboratory, it is planned to “break in” the device in natural conditions in the summer.

Sam Richards

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