Powerful gaming PC with 256 GB of RAM and 7 graphics cards

What kind of gamer does not dream of assembling a powerful computer that for many years could cope with any new most demanding games without problems? A dream is within the power of any enthusiast with $ 30,000 in his pocket. Such an enthusiastic user was found on the Linus Tech Tips website. The gamer published a video in which sponsored money made the dream a reality. This required: 7 Acer Predator X34 monitors for $ 1,000 each, 8 Kingston 32GB RAM slots for $ 300 each, 8 Kingston KC400 1TB SSDs for prices starting at $ 800, 2 Intel Xeon E5 processors from $ 2,000 each, 7 video cards AMD R9 Nano for $ 650, ASUS motherboard for $ 560 and lots of water cooling boxes. The result was a very powerful and productive computer, which at the same time can play not one but seven gamers at once.

Sam Richards

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