Practical Plastic Papr Watch

Paprcuts Gang from Germany has developed an original, convenient and inexpensive Papr Watch using a material unusual for such a product – Tyvek. Being a DuPont patented invention, this material has unique physical and mechanical properties – high strength with low weight, excellent interaction with water, resistance to chemicals, small linear expansion, ability to withstand multiple cyclic loads. At the same time, tyvek bears a minimal burden on the environment, due to the possibility of its disposal, high wear resistance and low weight with high strength characteristics. Практичные полиэтиленовые часы Papr Watch (12 фото + видео) The German developer used the basic properties of the tyvek in Papr Watch, which turned these chronometers into a waterproof, shockproof and very light weight gadget. The use of this type of polyethylene as the basis for watches allowed the Germans to prepare for release a large number of models of various types. The company’s designers presented 29 options for the exterior design of Paprcuts Gang. A compact watch can only display time, but it can work on a single battery charge for about 2 years. The cost of new items on Indiegogo is 29 euros.

Sam Richards

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