ProjectDR tracks internal organ changes during movement

ProjectDR отслеживает изменения внутренних органов при движении (видео) Specialists from the University of Alberta (Canada) have developed a system based on augmented reality, which creates three-dimensional projections of internal organs on the patient’s body. For this purpose, original MRI and CT images are used. The system is also capable of projecting segmented images, for example, only light or only blood vessels. The developed complex is called ProjectDR and is equipped with 12 infrared cameras that capture 120 frames per second, a special Microsoft Kinect depth controller designed to scan the patient’s body shape and a computer. For the operation of ProjectDR, several markers are installed on the patient’s body, which serve as beacons for infrared cameras, which provides image binding when changing the position of the body. A special program determines the size and shape of the body, tracks its movement and projects internal organs in accordance with the received data. A demonstration video has been posted on YouTube in which the dummy plays the role of the patient. The new device is able to show changes in organs, bones, etc. inside a person when he makes movements, so it is easier for doctors to diagnose a patient. According to the developers, ProjectDR can be used for training, physiotherapy and in the preparatory phase for serious surgical operations.

Sam Richards

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