Reporters checked if there is titanium in the Apple Card

Apple claims its credit card is made of titanium. Bloomberg decided to check whether this is so and whether it really contains 100% of this rare, expensive and noble metal.

No, not 100%. A mineralogist from the University of Berkeley, Hans-Rudolph Wenck, analyzed the composition of the Apple Card using an electron microscope and found that titanium contains only 90%, and 10% is aluminum. The use of this much cheaper material was not discussed at the presentation for an obvious reason: the “titanium card” sounds much more attractive than the “titanium-aluminum” one.

However, the reason why Apple used not pure titanium but an alloy of two metals in the Apple Card may lie not in the economic sphere, but in the technological one. It is possible that this alloy proved to be more durable and lighter, and in the end, users get a better product, even if its cost was slightly lower than you might expect.

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