Scarecrow drone for birds

Дрон-пугало для птиц (6 фото + видео) Stuffed animals and other visually intimidating props placed on the ground are useful in repelling pests only in a certain radius, which is a significant drawback for agricultural land with a large area. Bird-X proposes to use drones as a scarecrow. Using a special sound block, the ProHawk drone imitates the screams of birds of prey – this scares away winged pests even when approaching. Дрон-пугало для птиц (6 фото + видео) The device is equipped with GPS, and therefore can be programmed to a specific flight path, which it will adhere to during patrols. Both autonomous mode and remote control of the drone using the remote control are provided. During operation, ProHawk can take pictures, which can be useful, for example, in the case of intruders entering the territory. The battery life, battery capacity and cost of new items, unfortunately, the manufacturer does not report. Дрон-пугало для птиц (6 фото + видео) Дрон-пугало для птиц (6 фото + видео)

Sam Richards

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