Smart pajamas will control the owner’s sleep (4 photos + video)

Смарт-пижама проконтролирует сон владельца (4 фото + видео) Effective sleep promotes good rest and reduces stress on the nervous system. Meanwhile, sleep disturbance, which is observed in 42% of people, can cause various diseases, up to Alzheimer’s disease. Laboratory tests are used to diagnose insomnia, but they are expensive and time consuming. Смарт-пижама проконтролирует сон владельца (4 фото + видео) Scientists from the University of Massachusetts solved this problem and developed Phyjama smart pajamas that can control various physical indicators of their master (heart rate, pressure changes and even the movement of a person in a dream). The design of smart sleepwear is simple. A board equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter is attached to one of the buttons. Five thin polymer flaps are attached to the surface of a standard pajamas, interconnected with a “smart button” with silver-plated nylon threads sewn into the fabric. Information from touch flaps is transmitted to a button and then via Bluetooth to a smartphone or laptop. Смарт-пижама проконтролирует сон владельца (4 фото + видео) The material of the sensor fabric is resistant to washing, mechanical damage and does not cause user inconvenience. A rough estimate of the cost of smart pajamas is from 100 to 200 dollars. It is planned to start mass production within 2 years.

Sam Richards

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