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«Солнечные» смарт-жалюзи SolarGaps (8 фото + видео) If the windows of your apartment or house overlook the sunny side and on hot days you are forced to restrict access to the rays of the Sun using curtains and other means, then you should think: are you doing the right thing? Maybe it’s time to benefit from so many advantageous locations? Startup SolarGaps proposes to install smart-blinds of the same name on the windows, which are able to generate electricity thanks to the solar panels on the slats. «Солнечные» смарт-жалюзи SolarGaps (8 фото + видео) The lamellas automatically turn behind the Sun, and if a person enters the room, the device detects it with the help of motion sensors and opens a window, allowing the light to illuminate the room space – a great feature, given that most people are absent at home on weekdays. To configure the device, the developer prudently created a mobile application. «Солнечные» смарт-жалюзи SolarGaps (8 фото + видео) The efficiency of SolarGaps blinds reaches 150 W · h / m2 windows for external blinds and up to 100 Wh · h / m2 for internal blinds. For example, SolarGaps blinds in a three-room apartment with windows facing south can generate up to 600 Wh / hr or about 4 kilowatts / day, which is 100 kWh / month. To use the energy received, just plug the control unit into an electrical outlet. Excess can be stored in batteries. You can also directly power, for example, an inverter air conditioner or other household appliance. SolarGaps smart blinds are available in several sizes. The price of the smallest option (up to 91×91 cm) is $ 390, the option for large windows (213×91 cm) costs $ 1125. There are other dimensions. «Солнечные» смарт-жалюзи SolarGaps (8 фото + видео)

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