SpaceBok robot will jump on the studied planets (3 photos + video)

Space exploration involves the study of the surface of planets, their natural satellites and asteroids with an uneven surface and low gravity. In such conditions, the most optimal way to travel is by jumping. The European Space Agency (ESA) is testing the SpaceBok robot using just such an unusual way of movement. The developers were inspired by the fact that while traveling on the surface of the moon, where gravity is 6 times less than Earth, astronauts unconsciously moved in leaps. The jump phase involves the object being in flight. Controlling a robot at this time requires great computing power, which made this method unavailable in the recent past. It is assumed that on the lunar surface SpaceBok will be able to jump to a height of up to two meters. The stabilization of the flight and the moment of landing on the surface of the robot is assigned to a special device – the \The support legs of the SpaceBok robot are equipped with springs that compensate for the impact during landing and accumulate energy for the jump. This approach reduces energy consumption when moving the robot. Special test tests, when the robot was placed on its side and it glided over a smooth surface, simulated weightlessness in two dimensions. Experimenters were even able to play the game Pong with SpaceBok. The next stage of testing will be held in close to actual operating conditions, on a difficult terrain.

Sam Richards

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