SpearHead 360 van will make anyone a hacker

At the ISS World and Eurosatory exhibition, WiSpear presented a unique solution for everyone who decided to quickly and easily become a hacker. Everything necessary for work has already been mounted on the chassis of an ordinary van and called it “SpearHead 360”. The manufacturer assures that the most advanced and secret technologies for hacking were used. Just by clicking on the button, you can open any device based on the Windows, Android or iOS platform from a distance of half a kilometer. The hunt for gadgets is as follows. Scanning the air with 24 antennas, the tracking unit searches for the target and establishes a connection with it. By simulating a Wi-Fi access point, it forces the victim to connect to herself. For this purpose, 4 secret modules equipped with various types of attacks were placed in the van. When the connection is established, the script, the so-called \At this point, the complex analyzes what the target is doing on the network. And disguising it as useful content, he throws his own trojans, exploits, backdoors, and more to download. Tal Dylan is not only a co-founder of the manufacturer (WiSpear), but also a former intelligence officer of the IDF. According to him, the system was taught to find and activate an incredibly large number of different vulnerabilities in mobile OSes. Hacking Mac OS or Windows is not a bit harder. You can hit several devices at once, not limited to their type – PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. are suitable. The basic version does not include a drone that carries, in addition to the signal repeater, special equipment. It allows you to remotely monitor the target. True, you will have to pay at least 1.2 million dollars for it. Despite the fact that SpearHead itself costs 3 – 5 million dollars. Without disclosing the list of customers, company representatives say they will be able to sell from two to four hacker vans annually.

Sam Richards

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