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Telegram developers gave valuable advice to owners of smartphones Huawei and Xiaomi

Users of Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones have filled up Telegram support with questions about why notifications from the messenger stop coming on their devices. Telegram developers updated the official FAQ section and told how to overcome this problem.

According to them, smartphones Huawei and Xiaomi are too aggressive in fighting notifications from third-party applications, including Telegram. The task killer blocks background requests, Telegram is unloaded from memory, so it cannot receive data from a remote server from which notifications are received. The solution is very simple – you need to add the messenger to the list of exceptions, forbidding the task killer to interfere with his work.

For Huawei smartphones:

Go to the Phone Manager application → “Protected Applications” and add Telegram to this list.

For Xiaomi smartphones:

Go to “Services” → “Security” → “Permissions” → “Autostart”. Find Telegram and activate autorun.

After that, the smartphone will stop blocking notifications from chats and channels in Telegram. This application will no longer be unloaded from memory and will be able to constantly work in the background.

Sam Richards

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