Telegram pending messages

Telegram has pending messages and full number hiding

Telegram apps for Android and iOS have been updated to version 5.11. The long-awaited innovations appeared in them.

What’s new

  • Pending Messages:
  • Hold down the “Send” button and select “Postponed message” to send the message at the specified time.
  • Reminder for yourself in the “Favorites” chat.
  • A notification that a scheduled message has been sent.

Custom Cloud Themes:

  • Customize the appearance of the application by choosing unique colors based on those already in the application.
  • You can create your own themes based on any color and background.
  • You can share your topics with other users using the links.
  • Changing the theme will lead to its updating for everyone who installed it.

New privacy settings:

  • There was a choice who can find you in Telegram when adding your number to the phone’s notebook.
  • Animation of some emojis. To do this, send one of the following emoji: 😁, 😧, 😡, 💩, 😢, 😮, 😐 (there should be no text with it).
  • IOS only

New appearance of the context menu:

  • A long tap according to the message will show a new menu made in the style of iOS 13.
  • Select a piece of text in any message for future reference.

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