The first reviews about the operating system Huawei Hongmeng

In the light of recent events, Huawei continues to actively work on its own mobile operating system called Hongmeng OS (also known as Oak OS), which is at the final stage of development. Currently, the company is conducting closed testing of the operating system on the Huawei Mate 30 smartphone. However, the first HongMong OS testers were quick to share information on the differences between Chinese OM and the Android EMUI user interface that is currently used by Huawei. During boot, the updated Hongmeng OS animation that the user can individually adjust to suit personal preferences. The home page may change with the installation of various interactive widgets. The lock screen can be changed by moving items. Hongmeng also created a special ringtone, and the icons are improved with the addition of animation. A special notification bar and an enlarged search window also appeared. Working with the camera has been greatly simplified by reducing the number of controls. Testers note that the OS has some blocked functions that developers either continue to debug or access to them is restricted due to confidentiality. It is noted that the operating system is stable and faster than Android. Developers from Huawei promise that Hongmeng will be 60% faster than Android and macOS. At the same time, the operating system is universal and will be installed not only on smartphones, but also on routers, network switches, tablets, computers and data centers. Thus, the company seeks to create a single OS for all devices, which Microsoft could not achieve at the time. The Hongmeng announcement may take place already at the end of summer or in October during the presentation of the flagship Huawei Mate 30.

Sam Richards

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