“The most dangerous in the world” netbook costs more than a million dollars (3 photos)

//cdn--01.jetpic.net/bnjpt1dqoyryy/shrink/1558947298_the-persistence-of-chaos-001.webp When buying a laptop, every customer expects that the new device is not only endowed with a modern high-quality hardware, but also meets all security requirements, does not contain backdoors or vulnerabilities in the firmware that could entail fatal consequences both for the gadget itself and for confidential user data. However, auctioned 10-inch netbook Samsung NC10-14GB (2008) based on Windows XP is not one of them. The device, on board which contains the 6 most dangerous viruses in the world, is already about to be purchased for $ 1,200,749. https://theeasygadgets.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/1/1558947230_the-persistence-of-chaos-002.jpg According to the current owner of the laptop, Chinese artist Guo O Dong, his creation, entitled “The Persistence of Chaos” (“Persistence of Chaos”), created in conjunction with Deep Instinct, a cybersecurity company, is not as dangerous to the future owner as you might think. But only as long as the equipment does not have a connection to the global Internet, an internal network, or a USB drive is not connected. https://theeasygadgets.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/1/1558947270_the-persistence-of-chaos-003.jpg On board the old netbook posted: ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SoBig, DarkTequila, BlackEnergy and WannaCry. All of them at one time were able to take by surprise a modern computerized society and bring multimillion-dollar, and sometimes billion-dollar, dollar-worth losses to companies and people., Thepersistenceofchaos.com

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