The new packaging will show the exact expiration date of the food product (2 photos)

Новая упаковка покажет точный срок годности продукта питания (2 фото) High technology is gradually penetrating into all spheres of human activity. In the food industry, the key is to provide consumers with fresh and quality products. At Cornell University, specialists are developing innovative carton packs for milk that can convey comprehensive product information for every customer who owns a smartphone, including new technology that shows the exact date by which the milk remains high-quality and edible. Modern date marking is often not true, and the consumer refuses a completely high-quality product. According to standards, the packaging indicates the period until which milk has the highest quality indicators, while the product remains usable for some time to come. Новая упаковка покажет точный срок годности продукта питания (2 фото) The new development provides for the application of a QR code on the packaging, which encoded data on the place of milk production, transportation route, processing and bottling times, as well as storage conditions. On the label, it is also planned to install indicators showing the storage temperature and the expiration dates of the goods that correspond to real saving conditions. The information contained will be useful for both consumers and retailers who can control the supply of small quantities of goods from large wholesale companies.

Sam Richards

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