The Pentagon has temporarily banned all foreign travel by the military. 25.03.2020

The American military and their families have been banned from any cross-border travel. An exception may only be made for troops withdrawing from Afghanistan.
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper signed an order that prohibits all travel abroad for 60 days. This was reported by the head of the Pentagon to Reuters.

The order applies to both military and civilian personnel in the Pentagon, as well as their family members. However, in some cases, an exception can be made. In particular, the order, which includes a ban on returning to the U.S. for military personnel abroad, will not apply to members of a contingent of troops in Afghanistan, which Washington withdraws from the country.

The Pentagon has already taken measures to limit the spread of coronavirus. In mid-March, Esper recommended that military and civilian personnel avoid physical contact, including hugs and handshakes. There was no total travel ban at the time, but the military was advised not to travel to areas where an outbreak had been reported.

Sam Richards

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