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The Vkontakte social network has launched a service for creating QR codes. Very useful thing

In the social network “Vkontakte” appeared the service “Generator of QR codes.” With it, you can create QR codes with a link to any site, Wi-Fi settings, business cards, free text, calendar events, and geolocation.

You can customize the QR code: in the case of a link to a website or VK public, add a background, a frame with a signature, select a color, remove the VK icon and insert your own logo. For other types of data that need to be encrypted in a QR code, special fields are provided. Such a code can be placed on a website, a page on VK, or printed and used on stickers or business cards.

The “QR-Code Generator” provides the most popular scenarios for creating such codes. Later another one will be added – with the ability to create links for money transfers to any user or public. Currently, this function works separately – in the settings of the personal page on the “Payments, subscriptions, transfers” tab (and on iOS – in the “Money transfers” menu).

QR codes can be scanned using the smartphone’s camera. On iPhone, support for this feature is built into the standard camera application, and on Android smartphones, as a rule, it is not by default, so you have to use third-party solutions.

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