Toshiba hard drives

Toshiba introduced 16 terabyte hard drives

Toshiba announced the imminent release of new models of hard drives series N300 NAS and X300 Performance with a capacity of 16 TB. The buffer size in these models is 512 MB, which is twice as much as in 14 TB drives. Spindle rotation speed is 7200 rpm; In addition, hard drives are equipped with built-in sensors to compensate for the effects of angular oscillations.

To create hard drives of the N300 and X300 series, a 9-disk helium-filled design was used, which provides a higher density of information at lower power consumption. Laser welding technology provides reliable gas retention inside a standard 3.5-inch case.

The N300 Series is suitable for home offices, small businesses, and private cloud storage. The hard drives of this series can function 24/7 and withstand a working load of up to 180 TB / year. X300 drives can be used on PCs and workstations.

The N300 series has a three-year warranty, and the X300 series has a two-year warranty. 16-terabit models will be available in the fourth quarter of 2019. Their presentation will take place at the IFA in Berlin.

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