Two people with a positive coronavirus test died in Moscow. 25.03.2020
Two people with a positive coronavirus test died in Moscow. 25.03.2020

Two people with a positive coronavirus test died in Moscow. 25.03.2020

In Moscow, two elderly patients died with a positive test for coronavirus, they also had pneumonia, there were associated pathologies, said the city operating headquarters.

“Patients 88 and 73 years old, were diagnosed alive. In addition, they had confirmed pneumonia, had concomitant pathologies,” said the headquarters and recalled the need for “strict observance of the regime of self-isolation of elderly people and people with chronic diseases.

The headquarters did not give the exact cause of death of patients.

Earlier, the city headquarters had already reported the death of a patient with coronavirus, but later it corrected its position and stated that the cause of death was a detached clot. On the eve, the Moscow Department of Health after media reports of the death of another patient with pneumonia said that the cause of death was the lack of internal organs, not coronavirus infection.

The number of patients with coronavirus in Russia exceeded 650.
Till now in official statistics on coronavirus in Russia there were no lethal outcomes. According to the website of the mayor and the government of Moscow, two people died of coronavirus in Moscow. Earlier this indicator was equal to zero.

The day before Mayor Sergey Sobyanin at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin informed that two people infected with coronavirus in Moscow are in a serious condition. The condition of eight more doctors estimate as average gravity, said Sobyanin.

410 infected in Moscow
On Thursday morning it was announced that the number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia rose by 163 – to 658 people per day. This was said by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

Of the 163 new cases, 120 were registered in Moscow (and six in the Moscow region). The number of cases in the Russian capital increased to 410.

On Thursday, Putin made a television address to citizens. He announced a package of measures to combat the coronavirus.

The next week is declared as a week off, voting on amendments to the Constitution will not take place on April 22. “We must take care of ourselves and our loved ones, show discipline and responsibility. And believe me, the safest thing right now is to be home,” Putin said. In the evening, he signed decrees on the week off from March 30 to April 3, as well as on the postponement of voting.

From Thursday, a quarantine regime for people over 65 years of age will begin in Moscow. Mayor Sobyanin obliged them to stay home. These people are to be paid a one-time allowance of 4 thousand rubles. On Wednesday Sobyanin reported that he will cancel free travel for pensioners.

The mayor of Moscow also announced new restrictions in connection with the coronavirus outbreak: Moscow multifunctional centers will work only by appointment, dental offices will provide only emergency assistance in acute pain, cinemas, cinemas should be closed, any cultural events will be suspended.

For young Muscovites, even in case of infection, the option of treatment at home is not excluded. The day before the Moscow Department of Health approved an algorithm for treatment of patients with coronavirus in the light course of the disease. If the patient’s temperature is less than 38.5 degrees, respiratory frequency is less than 30, breathing is free, he stays at home, the department decided.

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