Two-Wheel Cyclotron Unmanned Electric Vehicle

Беспилотный электромобиль Cyclotron на двух колесах (5 фото) Canadian mechanical engineer and Bombardier CEO Charles Bombardier developed his own concept for the Cyclotron unmanned electric car, inspired by the Tron Light Cycle bike from the movie Tron and the self-balancing two-wheeled electric car C1 from Lit Motors. Like the latter, the development of the Canadian is based on a system of gyroscopes that support the vertical stability of the concept car. Unique clutch wheels are responsible for the machine’s ability to move in two directions. The electric motor drives both wheels for improved winter cross-country ability. To save energy, a four-wheel drive shutdown is provided. Charges Cyclotron wirelessly. Беспилотный электромобиль Cyclotron на двух колесах (5 фото) The electric car is designed for two passengers. For them, there are two adjustable heated seats in the cabin, a noise reduction system and an unmanned technology that allows users to set their own destination and not participate in driving. The doors, like wings of a butterfly, open up. Thus, the engineer envisaged saving parking space and minimized the chance of accidental damage to neighboring cars by clumsy passengers at the time of boarding or disembarking from an electric vehicle. In addition, the small dimensions of the Cyclotron two-seater should help reduce congestion.

Sam Richards

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