Ultra-fast charging for Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 45 W

The smartphone’s battery charging speed is one of the main indicators in the modern dynamic world. Therefore, there is an unofficial competition among smartphone manufacturers in the development of technologies and the release of chargers providing high-speed charging of mobile devices. The information appeared on the network that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be equipped with fast charging with a power of 100 watts is not true. This becomes clear after solving the photo riddle of the famous Ice Universe insider, which depicts Leonardo da Vinci, lightning and a series of numbers from \The code name for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is Da Vinci. A lightning bolt indicates energy or charging. In the binary system, the number 101101 corresponds to 45 in the decimal system. It is logical to assume that the Galaxy Note 10 receives a 45 W power charge. Recall that the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 9 were equipped with a 15 W charger. Insiders also report that the top-end Galaxy Note 10 will come with 4,500 mAh batteries. Earlier it became known that the Galaxy Note 10 will be presented in four trim levels, differing in diagonals in inches: 6.28, 6.4, 6.7 ″ and 6.75., The presence or absence of support for 5G technology and camera sensors. The Galaxy Note 10 will run on Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9810 processors, and support the S-Pen with an integrated camera. The presentation of new Samsung smartphones is scheduled for late summer – early fall of this year.

Sam Richards

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