US Army will be equipped with new Fury drones

Армию США укомплектуют новым беспилотниками Fury (видео) Aircraft-building concern Lockheed Martin (Maryland, USA) during the year tested a new unmanned aerial vehicle Fury (Rage), which during the experimental flights showed high flying qualities, in particular, the ability to 12-hour autonomous flight. The UAV is designed specifically for reconnaissance missions. The drone has a wingspan of about 5.2 m and can carry a payload of up to 91 kg. The ideal factor for performing reconnaissance missions is the almost complete noiselessness of the UAV’s engine. Fury does not require a dedicated airfield or equipped runway to take off. The drone is fired from a catapult, which is built into a standard car trailer. DARPA, a promising project agency for the United States Department of Defense, is considering the possibility of installing a special intelligent weapon system on the Fury. With full combat loading and at maximum speed, the Fury can fly up to 12 hours, and the maximum flight time can reach 15 hours. In this case, the drone can rise to a height of several kilometers. The main advantage of the new unmanned vehicle is its compactness and low cost. According to these indicators, Fury is superior to its main competitor, the Predator UAV, adopted by the US Army. Serial production of Fury drones will begin in the coming months.

Sam Richards

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