Want to know which of your friends is sitting on Pornhub? Bot in “VKontakte” will tell
Want to know which of your friends is sitting on Pornhub? Bot in “VKontakte” will tell

Want to know which of your friends is sitting on Pornhub? Bot in “VKontakte” will tell

Arkhangelsk programmer Daniil Suvorov created a bot for the VKontakte social network called PRNHB, he will tell you which of your friends are logged in to Pornhub using a social network account. The author reports that he created the application as a joke and so far not many users have used it.

The bot collects information from the pages of users who access Pornhub from a Russian IP address and logs in via VKontakte. When a user logs in using his VK account, a porn site requests general profile information, such as name and surname, city of residence, place of work and links to other social networks, if indicated. After authorization, the Pornhub application is automatically added to his profile. The programmer used a method that returns information about whether the user installed the application.

There are some limitations to the work of the bot. He will not be able to give out links to friends whose profile is closed. Also, after a certain period of time, the Pornhub application resets the token, so the same person from different friends can be on the list, or it can be hidden. After the influx of users, PRNHB does not cope and asks to stand in line.

How not to get in front of friends

There is nothing wrong with watching porn, says Daniil Suvorov. For those who want to maintain their anonymity, the developer recommends using a VPN, in which case the porn site will not ask for authorization through VK and also check the list of applications for Pornhub and it will not be superfluous to close your profile.

Pornhub and VKontakte entered into agreements in 2017 to check whether the user has reached the age of majority of the porn site. This is a necessary measure for the residents of Russia in order to comply with Russian information laws.

Updated: The vulnerability that the bot used was closed. To protect user information, we will abandon the users.isAppUser API method. Already we have made changes. Now you can’t find out what applications VKontakte friends have installed – including if they used widgets to log in to other sites through VK, – a VKontakte representative.

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